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Miami Beach - 2019

Miami Beach - 2019

Last month, on Mother’s Day weekend we took a trip to Miami for the Rolling Loud Festival and had such a great weekend! (Mike and I hosted a brunch the week before to celebrate with our mommas ❤️) We only ended up going to the festival the first night and spent the remaining of our time at our BEAUTIFUL hotel, Grand Beach Hotel Surfside, shopping, and just exploring!

Michael and I went down a day early (Thursday) to check out the set up of the festival before the craziness started! One of our good friends is a big part of Rolling Loud and so that’s how we were able to get inside. It was pretty surreal to be there while it was practically empty. They were running through the Cardi B set when we arrived (she wasn’t there, but I did see her backstage before her performance Friday night…..and she is GORGEOUS in person! So that was pretty much the highlight of my night at the festival. Rolling Loud itself was crazy huge and there was so much going on that it became a little too much for us, so this being our 3rd time there, we decided to skip the other 2 nights and just enjoy Miami. (side note — there was in incident that people thought was taking place, which caused something of a riot. My younger brother was thrown into a golf cart by someone who was running backstage and his knee was injured, this is the main reason we did not return, he had a hard time walking. So we decided to take it easy and enjoy the city instead 🤗)

In the morning we would go over to the main east hotel to get coffee, breakfast, and relax on the rooftop! (so let me break down this hotel for you……there are actually 2 buildings, the East Suites (ocean side) and the West Suites (across the street). We stayed on the west side because I was able to get a 2-bedroom (with 4 bathrooms — YES, 4 BATHROOMS) for the same price as a standard double queen on the east side. The only downside to the west building is that there is no room service (because the kitchens are in the east building, which is seriously not a big deal because you can literally walk across the street and utilize all the amenities ) BUT there IS A ROOFTOP POOL BAR on both buildings, and they were both beautiful, I was obsessed! Michael and I spent about 3 hours on the roof in the shade Friday morning. We ordered mimosas and relaxed overlooking the beautiful city of Miami (there was no one else out there that morning so we had the whole side to ourselves….it was heaven!) There is also a huge chessboard, two hammocks, multiple pools, and private access to the beach from the east side….honestly one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in.

Saturday we headed over to the St. Roch Market because I was dying to go to Chole’s Vegan Cafe to try her Truffle Avocado Toast and ended up purchasing everything the cafe offered 🤦🏻‍♀️. Sooooo one order of avocado toast, matcha soft serve, a sea salt chocolate chip cookie, and 2 cupcakes later……I was in heaven. (disclaimer……NO I did not eat everything at once….geeze. I took the desserts (sans matcha soft serve) back to the hotel for later, duh!) But seriously, this cafe did not disappoint! They serve the soft serve in a little coconut and it is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever eaten.

The market is full of multiple food vendors upstairs AND they have outside swinging chairs under this beautiful flower overhang…..we had such a fun day!

Downstairs there is nothing but high end, luxury stores. Everything from Louis Vuitton to Tom Ford….so we did a little shopping. It was very nice being able to actually feel like we were on vacation and could relax from our crazy daily life! I have wanted a Neverfull for a little while now and while we were there, we decided “why not?”. We work hard and I have never splurged on anything like that in my life… it was a lot of fun! This particular Miami location was serving Moet Chandon as a promo and so we sipped champagne while we shopped!

After a day of shopping we went back to hotel, had a few cocktails on the rooftop, relaxed, and got ready for dinner. We went to the restaurant KUSH for dinner, which was pretty tasty, and then went back to the room for the rest of the evening. We decided to head back into town a day early since we we not going back to the festival. PLUS - I am a huge homebody/introvert and was just ready to be home. So Sunday morning we packed up our belongings and headed back north (FYI the hotel was SUPER accommodating on letting us out of our last night - because we were able to get out of the room by the 11:00am check out time….SCORE!

BUT, before we headed back to Vero, I needed to make one last stop at Christopher’s Kitchen. They seriously have the most amazing plant based food EVER! From loaded nachos, to fettuccine alfredo, mac & cheese, and my favorite….the Pesto Sandwich. Oh em gee y’all……I can not get over how tasty all their food is! I wish we had a resturant like this in my hometown (wink, wink……#entrepreneurgoals). If you are ever in the Palm Beach Gardens area, GO! You will not regret it. OHHHH…..and don’t let me forget to tell you about their Creamy Iced Coffee…..yall, I can’t even. Okay so do you remember when Barnie’s Coffee was in every single mall before Starbucks took over? Okay well if you do, then i’m sure you remember their Santa’s White Christmas frozen coffee drink! This drink was like a Friday night staple in my middle school days. You know those days where you would go to the mall/movies on a Friday night and hang out with all your friends thinking you we're soooo cool walking around drinking your Barnie’s and shopping at Victoria’s Secret for their mints and little bottles of perfume because you were too young to buy anything else they sold?….this was before PINK was relevant for those of you under 27….. Yep, those days (😎 😂) But anyways, that drink was so dang good! I mean they even make a Santa’s White Christmas ice-cream every single holiday to sell in grocery stores…..(not dairy free….which means I can’t have it). So when Michael ordered this little piece of heaven from Christopher’s Kitchen for the first time, I was obsessed. They blend cold brew coffee, dairy free vanilla ice cream, and coconut water together to make the most delicious beverage ever! Oh and when you do make it down there……your welcome! 😉

Going out of town is nice, but coming home is always better (except when you have a house full of guys painting and working on multiple projects, 🤦🏻‍♀️ but the outcome will be worth it)! So for now I just need to deal with it. I will be sure to make blog posts on our progress in the “new house”. We have been living here for exactly a year, but it takes time to figure out how to put everything together, especially in your first home, and I am enjoying taking the time and making it just how we want it. ❤️


Miami Beach 2019

Rolling Loud 2019

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