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I got a MERCEDES for my 30th Birthday!! - 2019

I got a MERCEDES for my 30th Birthday!! - 2019

I own a Mercedes SUV! Oh my goodness y’all! I can’t believe I just typed that sentence and that this is a real blog post. I have been dreaming about owning a White Mercedes SUV for so dang long. I manifested it and made it a reality! Truly. So for my 30th Birthday, we did it. We bought my dream car!

I use to imagine myself walking out of my Halotherapy Spa (that had yet to exist), getting into this car and driving to MY HOME (that had yet to exist) over and over again like a movie in my head.

There is real power in that. I am living proof of it. If you tell yourself something enough (good or bad), it becomes real. I am blessed to have been born in a place where I have the ability to create my dream life.

Most people will see your successes and see only that, the success. Not the sacrifice or hard work that comes with it. But then, that is also the power of social media, you can show the world just what you want them to see. It’s easier to tell and show all the good things in life, but then leave out all the really hard obstacles that got you there. Well i’m gonna be real with you, 5 years ago we had nothing when we started our first business 6th Avenue Jewelers. We couldn’t afford our $25 water bill; we literally used the water out of our neighbors outside pipe to fill up a gallon jug so that we could brush our teeth and wash our face to go to work until we could afford to pay it. We were a few months behind on our home rent (thank goodness we had an incredible landlord that let us pay it off over time until we caught up), my car was repossessed, and we had zero inventory for our brand new jewelry store. To say it was scary, would be a very delicate way to put it.

But we took a chance because we KNEW we wanted more from life than what we had grown up knowing as normal and what we already had at that point in our lives. It was the hardest and best decision we ever made. Opening our jewelry store then led into us opening our Halotherapy Spa (and I do plan on making a blog post containing all the details of what we did to actually get here.)

But the point is, YOU can have anything you want out of this life. So don’t let anyone or anything stop you from being exactly who you want to be! If you are still in that bad place, know that there is hope and that you can get out of it. But nobody will do the work for you, YOU have to do it.

I have BIG plans for my life, this is just the beginning 💛

Happy 30th Birthday to me!! I love my white Mercedes and new black rims we recently added! Thank you Michael, for always supporting my crazy, audious dreams and believing that they can come true just as much as I do!

We bought the car on Carvana! We have purchased our last 3 vehicles from them and we will never use a normal dealership again. It is all customer service based with zero commission, so no sales tactics to try to get to you buy. PLUS it is all done online! Yes, Michael bought his truck while sitting at dinner one night and we bought this Mercedes while watching The Office one evening - (mind blown!) You enter in your basic information, any trade in vehicles, and boom - you have an approval with down payment options in seconds. You have 12 hours (I think) to lock in all your information (down payment, insurance, etc.) and then you choose whether you would like to pick up the vehicle or have it delivered. We have done both. When you pick it up from one of their locations, they give you a big coin (like the size of my palm) to drop into a slot that activates their clear, multi-level, “car vending machine” as I call it, which then brings your car down to you. It is actually a very cool concept and experience. But when we bought my Mercedes, Michael had it delivered a day early to surprise me with it. 💛 When he informed the Carvana employee that it was for my birthday, she went to target and purchased a gift bag with a beach towel, a water bottle, car cleaner wipes, air fresheners, and a Starbucks gift card! It was so sweet and such a thoughtful surprise!

The next time you are in the market for a used car, check out Carvana. Seriously….you won’t regret it. And no, this is NOT AN AD.


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