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New York City - 2018

New York City - 2018

This past weekend Michael and I took a spontaneous trip to New York City, it was incredible! I have been craving a little city in my life and when I saw that Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter was staring in a brand new Broadway that is only playing for 16 weeks, I HAD to go! Plus Michael had some buying to do in the Diamond District (my fiancé is a jeweler and together we own 6th Avenue Jewelers, so it was a win-win for both of us.)

I booked our flight to NY for Saturday morning and return for Monday morning, so it was just a quick trip. The flight there was TERRIBLE - oh my gosh. The turbulence was so bad that the flight attendants couldn’t serve anymore and had to sit down. Let’s just say I had my first panic attack on a flight. I am usually really good at flying, and sometimes enjoy it, but this time I did not! I had to put my head on Michael’s lap, turn on classical music, and just hoped it would end soon. All I can say is thank goodness it was only a 2 hour flight, because otherwise I would have lost it completely. When we finally landed at JFK, to say I was relieved would be an understatement. I could not get off that plane fast enough. Before we headed outside to uber to our hotel, we went into the Delta Sky Lounge to chill out for a little bit. I needed to sit (outside of the airplane) and just be for a little while before continuing on with the day.

Well, now that I have calmed down and our trip is off to a great start (lol), we headed into the city. We stayed at the Dream Midtown Hotel. This location was perfect! We were in walking distance from Time Square, Broadway, Diamond District, and Central Park. We arrived at the hotel around 11:00AM and were super happy to learn that our room was ready to check in! YES!! So we dropped our stuff off in the room and headed out into the city. It was in the 60’s and sprinkling, and of course the only shoes Michael brought were Yeezys, Triple White to be exact, and I was not about to have them get ruined from the mucky roads in NY, so our first stop was Adidas to get a black pair of sneakers! Then we were off to the Diamond District. A lot of the stores were not open because it was Saturday, but the ones that were had just what we needed! We shopped around for a few hours and then headed to grab some food. Michael found this perfect little plant-based resturant called P.S. Kitchen…..LOVE!! The restaurant was very quaint and welcoming. I ordered an IPA and a caesar salad and Michael ordered a mimosa and biscuits and gravy. I have not had a caesar salad in so long (I am a vegan) and it was delicious, I ate the whole thing - and that NEVER happens! (I am obsessed with IPA beers - if you haven’t tried one, DO IT! My favorite 2 right now are Jai Alai (pronounced “hi-lie”) and MIA Mega Mix (thanks Josh! 😉 - my brother-in-law and I share the same love for IPA’s and he introduced me to the MIA brand).

After we ate, we headed back to the hotel room to freshen up and relax for a little bit before our Broadway that evening. We left the hotel around 7, and walked to Studio 54, the location of The Lifespan of A Fact. Our hotel was on 55th and Studio 54 is on, you guessed it, 54th. So we were literally right around the corner. We stopped at a little bar across the street and grabbed a drink while we waited for showtime. Once in the theater, I starting obsessing bad! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I read the first book in 7th grade when it came out, and grew up with the story. I just love everything about it! So the fact that I was in the same room as Daniel Radcliffe, watching him perform live, was a once in a lifetime experience for me. During the 90 minute show I was enthralled with every line, every scene, every moment. There are only 3 actors in the entire show, but they nailed it and are extremely entertaining. It has such a powerful message and I loved the whole thing! When the show was over, Michael and I walked out the back entrance, (not on purpose, it was just the door closest to our seats.) Well once outside, we saw some people lined up, gates, and an black escalade suv, my heart DROPPED! "Is this for Daniel?” YES! Yes is was!!! I was expecting him to just walk out, hop right into his car and drive away, but NO, he started on one side and walked around to sign autographs and take photos with everyone! When he finally got to me, I froze. I had no idea what to say! I didn’t want to be like “oh you made my childhood so magical” or something stupid like that, lol. (I have read he is not a fan of the Harry Potter reference - he wants to be known for his talent and not just HP, which I respect.) So I just told him Thank you and that I loved him….not creepy or anything. 🤦🏻‍♀️ He signed my Playbill and apologized to me because his pen ran out of ink because the signature wasn’t completely clear, but I didn't mind, I just loved the fact that I met him! Then we took a photo together — let me just say that our faces touched, we touched!! AHHHHHHHHH! I walked away crying, Mike was laughing. It was literally the most magical moment of my entire life and something I will never forget! But…….being me, one time was not enough. Sooooooooooooooo I just ‘happened’ to be walking past the back entrance after his show the next night 😉 and I saw him AGAIN! This time I had him sign my copy of The Lifespan of A Fact book and we took another photo. Only this time, he held my phone and took it, DANIEL RADCLIFFE HELD MY PHONE to selfie with me! Needless to say I will never throw away this phone case. lmao. I walked away, once again crying and feeling on top of the world.

Okay, so now that I have stalked Daniel Radcliffe, we walked to Time Square to explore. There is truly nothing like NYC, so much energy, so many people and everything to do! We went back to the hotel around midnight to shower, and rest up for our full day in the city!

On Sunday morning, I needed to get a blow-dry…since it rained Saturday and my hair was a mess. Of course I didn’t pack a straightener because I had just had my hair done before we left and the weather was supposed to be beautiful. Well it wasn’t and my hair got jacked up! So while I was getting my hair did, Michael grabbed a bagel and waited for me 😍🙏🏻. Then we headed to Central Park! The weather was perfect this day! We took photos, explored all the artists in the park and just enjoyed our time together.

(The only thing I HATE about Central Park are the horse and carriage rides. It breaks my heart to see these beautiful creatures being worked so hard and some/majority are not properly taken care of. I wish I had enough money that I could pull an “It Takes Two” and buy every horse in the city… day, one day! LOVE ALL ANIMALS PEOPLE!)

Being with Michael, I know that he loves to explore all the jewelry stores. He is an incredible jeweler and we enjoy looking at some of the finest pieces ever made….well what better place to do so than NYC? We stopped into Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, Rolex, Tiffany & Co, you get the picture. It inspires us to look at their work and motivates us to do bigger and better things with our store! (not like he isn’t busy enough - his shop door is revolving, meaning there is a constant flow of traffic in our jewelry store - like I said, he is an amazing jeweler and people adore him). I will make a blog post on our businesses soon!

We then headed back to the hotel to relax and nap before that evening. We ended the trip with dinner at, yep - P.S. Kitchen and a fun walk through Times Square. Michael ended being in a street show, which was hilarious! They had him dancing and everything, and let me just say that this doesn’t happen! Well, like they say, when in Rome…..or New York 😉

That evening, I packed us all up, laid out the clothes for tomorrow and went to bed. We woke yup around 5:30 that morning to head to JFK for our flight home. This time was aye-okay! We were in the first row of the plane, I had an incredible weekend, and I was just ready to be home to my puppies! I curled up and watched The Devil Wears Prada on the way home, all was good.

(Re-packing tip - I fold all our dirty clothes and put them in the laundry bag that most every hotel provides and put it into one suitcase. Then I take the remainder of our clean clothes and put them together in the other suitcase. That way when you get home, everything is still organized, and can easily be unpacked, washed and put away. I also have a travel size of almost everything I use, so I just toss all those products into my “travel drawer” and boom, done!)

This post is not sponsored - all expenses were paid by me. All opinions and photos are my own.

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