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Trip Planning - RISExFortMyers - 2019

Trip Planning - RISExFortMyers - 2019

I am going to RISExFortMyers in January 2020! I am soooooooo excited for this conference! I was supposed to go to Dallas in July, but due to business reasons I was not able to and sold my ticket. But that is OKAY because they are coming to my home state, in the first month of a brand new decade 2020, and it’s a brand new decade for me too, my 30’s.

I discovered Rachel Hollis in January 2019 and have been obsessed with her ever since. I am writing into detail about how she has directly effected my life on an upcoming post, Girl, You Changed My Life, if you would like to read more about it soon!

So exactly one year after, to the damn day that I found her, I will be attending RISExFortMyers, VIP style! I plan on being in the first row, living my best life! I have been manifesting this for an entire year - seeing myself at this conference in that front row for 3 days straight working on ME!

Stay tuned for my post all about attending the conference in January!

But for now, I am breaking down how I plan for any and all trips, but specifically, this conference trip. I am very OCD and like things to be in order, traveling is no exception. I do a lot of research on the location; flights, car rental vs uber (depending on location), hotels/airbnb, restaurants, activities, weather predictions, events happenings, maps, distance from one place to another, etc. I like to cover my ground work. And from all that information I will break it down into priorities & wants and then schedule it out day by day.

I do leave room for changes, but for the general part I like to know the itinerary! However, this being a 3 day scheduled conference, there is really not much that should change. 

Pro Tip - I use the NOTES app on my phone all the time and this is where I keep all of my travel information. You can add photos, change the text style, use check boxes, bullet points, add links, etc, so it works out perfect! It is all stored in one place and when I need to find something, I know exactly where to go. (we always have our phones - so its not like you will forget or misplace your plans.)

I have attached photos of my actual notes section for this trip in the exact order it is laid out on my phone. I have blacked out personal information (confirmation #, addresses, etc.) But you can see my process. I will update this post as the trip gets closer and things progress (ie: dance party information, new restaurants, outfit updates, etc.)



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Perspective - 2019

Perspective - 2019