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San Fransisco, California - 2018

San Fransisco, California - 2018

Soooooo……today is the last day of our 10 day vacation and it has been nice, really, really nice. I am already planning our next vacation, LOL! We went out to California last weekend for the Rolling Loud music festival (I will make a blog post about that next)! We have a good friend who allows us to get in backstage, VIP, the works….it’s fucking awesome. We were at the Miami festival earlier this year and had such an amazing time! So when our friend invited us out to Oakland, we were like “uhhhh yea!!”. It was Michael, my little brother Jordan, and myself who flew out to California together. So, all decked out in our Adidas gear (lmfao) we were ready!

We flew out of Orlando at 7:00am, had a layover in Las Angeles for 3 hours…😳😬, then flew into Oakland. Our layover in LAX really wasn't terrible. We have access to the Delta & American Express Lounges in airports, which offer free cocktails, food, wifi, etc. So when it’s not too crowded in the lounges, it definitely beats sitting by the gates and paying $20 for a drink 👍🏻. Mike and I drank mimosas and the boys had breakfast from the buffet while I snacked on an açaí cup. They lucked out because we landed right in the middle of the breakfast to lunch switch over, meaning they got fresh breakfast and then fresh lunch during the same layover - they were set!

When traveling, I like to dress super comfy, and I usually only pack a carry on…it makes life a lot easier! You don’t have to check in your bags, you have everything on you at all times, plus you know your bag won’t get lost. I will make a post about how I pack a carry on and my plane/travel essentials soon. Oh….and the views from the plane were magnificant!

We stayed at the Lafayette Park Hotel, it was so beautiful! I looked at many different hotels while planning this vacation and I liked this one the best. It is an English style hotel that is very comfortable and quaint. They have a beautiful courtyard, indoor & outdoor fireplaces, pool & jacuzzi, a spa (that I didn’t get to visit 😕) and a delicious little bistro. The staff was very kind and welcoming. I can’t wait to visit this hotel again!

I am very much a organized traveler, so when doing research I of course mapped out everything from the hotel to make sure we were in reasonable distance from what we needed, like the airport, San Fransisco, Oakland Coliseum, etc. We were about 20-30 minutes from everything, it was perfect.

(The following photos are from the hotel website and do not belong to me).

For our first night in California, after we checked into the hotel, we headed for the Oakland Coliseum to check out set up for Rolling Loud. We did this in Miami too, and it is really amazing to see it all before anyone gets there. I will make a post and link it here about our experiences at the Rolling Loud events!

After leaving the coliseum, we went for dinner, we were starving! I planned out a few food options and was excited to try them out. So we started with what I was sure to be a delicious and easy dinner after traveling all day, Homeroom 510. They are a mac and cheese joint that did not disappoint! They offer a vegan option, and lots for the boys. You can choose a speciality dish or build your own. For me it was the vegan mac with broccoli, green onions, and breadcrumbs. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Afterwards we headed for Cinnaholic, which uh hum……COMPLETELY vegan. It’s pretty much a build your own cinnamon bun bar, GENIUS! I got the Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow, basic af 💁🏻.

Each morning, after I made a hot cocoa in the lobby (vegan….YES VEGAN 😍), that Michael always ended up drinking, we had breakfast in the hotel bistro. It was cozy and perfect. The fireplace was lit, we had mimosas and coffee, and I was with my favorite guys! I couldn’t have asked for better mornings. For breakfast I always got a bowl of berries and hash browns. Michael and Jordan loaded up on waffles & omelets. Sitting out by the fire pits during the morning time was magical - the temperature was just right and the views were unbelievable. It really was like a dream. 🖤

Before the music festival, we spent the days running around San Fransisco. Let me say that I LOVE CALIFORNIA, I just felt so free and happy there. The weather was perfect, the food was bomb, and the scenery was GORGEOUS! I have lived in a little Florida town my entire life and have only vacationed a few places (which I plan to change right meow) but so far, California is my favorite! I am planning our move, errrrr, I mean next trip out there as we speak!

During our first day in San Fransisco we headed straight for the Golden Gate Bridge! When we arrived, we were so excited to see it was not a foggy day. Everyone was telling us that on most days it is very foggy which makes it to where you can’t even see the bridge, but this particular day, it was clear, gorgeous, and 60 degrees, ah….perfection! 🍃🍂 After parking right off Battery Spencer, we jumped out to look around and take photos.

*side note - the houses around this area are like something out of a storybook; little cottages with little staircase entryways, flower gardens out front, and little white fences. I want one.

After the Golden Gate Bridge we headed to lunch, Gracias Madre, a plant based Mexican restaurant. BOMB. When I found this place on instagram I knew that I had to stop here. Not only is it vegan and Mexican, but they also make cannabis cocktails….say what?!? We ordered the Sour Tiesel cocktail, guacamole (duhhh), Chimichanga, Potato & Chorizo, Papas al Horno, and Biscuits & Gravy. We couldn’t decide….so we got everything, haha! It was just as delicious as it looks. I am craving it now that I am back in Florida, and writing this….

The next day we started out by heading to China Town. It was interesting to say the least and very crowded. We went there on a Sunday and they were having their weekend market. Tents were set up all up and down the roads, vendors were selling clothes, cameras and traditional Chinese foods like Moon Cakes. Even the newspapers themselves were in Chinese! Legit, we felt like we were in another world, or should I say country.

We then drove over to Fisherman’s Wharf which was another must do! Alcatraz was right off the shore and in perfect view. I wish we would have made it to the island, but not being sure on time (all tour information said to plan for the majority of the day) I didn’t pre purchase tickets, and of course they were sold out once we made it to California. So we got a drink and we went walking through all the shops and streets. Michael and Jordan got fresh Krispy Kreme donuts, Jordan and I got San Fransisco jackets and we explored all around. The weather was perfect, again.

On our last day, we packed up and had our last breakfast…..sigh, and drove back into the city. Our first stop was Lombard Street. I couldn't wait to go here and see it in person. The flowers were beautiful and the street was just as crowded as expected. After we drove down it, we parked and walked around for a little bit. Then, being classic Allie, I fell down Lombard Street…geeeeezzzee. Not enough to hurt myself, but I did scrap up my ankle and my confidence a little bit. After I got up, we successfully continued our adventure down the “crookedest street”. We saw a house for sale, I looked it up - 3 million. 😬 Daaannnnggg. I for sure wouldn’t spend that much to have crowds of people outside my front door every. single. day….but you really can’t beat these views, they are just lovely.

After we finished on the crooked street, we went over to the Painted Ladies and the Full House house. We, or I, HAD to visit this before we left. The lot across from the Painted Ladies was a lot smaller in person than it looks on Full House, lol. And then the Full House house itself was under construction, so it was blocked off and a mess. (Fun Fact - while at the airport heading home, one of our friends informed us that his uncle is the creator of Full House and is the person who purchased the series home. He is currently renovating it to look just like the Tanner Household and may open it for visitors……say what?!)

At the end of our trip, before we headed back to the airport, we wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge one more time. So we decided to go back and drive over it (something we did not do the first day) and i’m so glad we did. It was very foggy this day, but we still got some cool photos and it was on my bucket list to this! What a perfect way to end the vacation! 🌁

Our flight from Oakland was leaving at 6:45pm and we planned on sleeping the whole way home. We had another layover in LAX on the way back, so the boys hit up the Sky Lounge again for some pre-flight snacks while I got a cranberry and vodka, worked on my blog, and we charged up all our electronics. It was a great ending to a fabulous vacation. California is my jam and I am making it my mission to get back there asap. Until my next adventure….✈️


This post is not sponsored - all expenses were paid by me. All opinions and photos are my own.

Carry On Flight Essentials - 2018

Carry On Flight Essentials - 2018