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Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Wow, February is already upon us and half way through it to be exact! These past 6 weeks have been the craziest of my entire life; hence no blog post since Christmas! Starting our second business has definitely been a tough, yet amazing experience that has completely taken over my life and I will post about the buildout soon! But, for now on to VALENTINE'S DAY! 

I adore this sweet holiday! Michael and I don't tend to make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but I do enjoy having a special day just to express our love a little more! Plus it makes for super cute and easy decorations around the house (and shop)! 

I have included 3 fun Valentine's Day ideas in this post for your to try! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them! 

First off, BREAKFAST! Michael LOVES breakfast....so I decided to make him "egg in heart toast with bacon"....pretty sweet recipe name if I do say so myself. This was very simple and easy to make and boy did he love it!

Recipe & Things You Need:

  • 2 pieces of bread
  • 1 egg
  • bacon
  • butter
  • heart shaped cookie cutter
  • 2 bowls
  • 1 pan on medium heat 

- Start by cooking your bacon....however you like to cook it!

- Butter and lightly toast each piece of bread and then cut a heart out of both pieces 

- Separate the egg yolk and egg white into your 2 bowls

- Place the toast on top of each other and put on your heated pan on the stove

- Pour your egg white and then your egg yolk into the middle of the heart toast (this allows you to have more control over the placement of the yolk), cover and cook for about 4 minutes. 

- When fully cooked, use a spatula to pick up your egg toast and put it on your plate.              (*the egg will cook flat and will not spill when picked up with a spatula after cooked)

- Add bacon, coffee, orange juice or whatever you'd like! 

and BOOM! It's that easy!

SECOND... this Valentine's Day idea involves candy and candles.....two of my favorite things! This idea is super simple, you just need some conversation hearts, pillar candles, and glass jars. Just pour the little hearts around the candle and you have an adorable decoration! 

For the THIRD Valentine's Day idea, I just changed the candy in my 'candy jars'. I love these little guys! They make for an eye AND belly pleasing kitchen decoration! I change these up all of the time, depending on any holidays and the time of year! For Valentine's Day, I just used my leftover conversation hearts for two jars and put doggy bones in the last one, because you can't forget the pups! (the bones even have little hearts on them too....how fitting!) 

That's it! Three simple ideas to make your Valentine's Day a little more special! I hope everyone has a beautiful Day! 


This post is not sponsored - all expenses were paid by me. All opinions and photos are my own.




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